Debbie Cochran's Honors and Awards throughout her musical career

Awards and Honors

2020 - Vocalist of the Year at 2020 Josie Music Awards
Won: Vocalist of the Year (Christian/Gospel)

Nominated: Music Video of the Year - "Lord Did I Miss the Rapture"
Song of the Year (Christian/Gospel) - "In A Heartbeat"

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2019 - Nominated Gospel Song of the Year
Classic country gospel singer, Debbie Cochran was recently recognized by the Josie Music Awards for her original song, Angel Band Angel Band, off her latest album In A Heartbeat. Cochran penned the twelve songs on the album and recorded it under the direction of Grammy nominated producer, Kent Wells. The heavenly ballad, Angel Band Angel Band, is nominated for Song of the Year in the Gospel category. The Josie Music Awards are known for recognizing independent artists, songwriters, record labels, talent agencies, promotion companies, producers, engineers, management companies, press, music industry businesses, and more. Nominee suggestions must go through a lengthy review process conducted by a team of industry leaders to even be consider for the official list of nomination. Cochran was chosen out of 20,000 submissions.

“I am so blessed and honored to be nominated for Gospel Song of the Year by the Josie Music Awards,” says Debbie. “The song Angel Band Angel Band was inspired by George D Hay, founder of the original Grand Ole Opry radio program, WSM-AM in Nashville, after reading chapter nine of his 1953 publication of The Story of the Grand Ole Opry.”

2018 - George D. Hay Society
Gospel Songwriter of the year 2018
Hall of Honor Inductee 2018

2014 - Singing News (New Artist Star Search 2014) - Honorable Mention
Singing News, May 2014
Mi2n.Com News Release:
Although traditional country singer Debbie Cochran is known for her classic country sound, her heartfelt lyrics are earning her a name in the gospel community. Her song "Eyewitness" recently received high remarks and garnered her an honorable mention in the 2014 New Artist Search presented by Singing News, the largest Christian music publication in the country. "I'm so excited and honored," says Debbie. "To be considered a top new artist at this point in my life is such a blessing and a dream come true." Produced by Grammy nominated Kent Wells (Dolly Parton), "Eyewitness" details the saddening story of bullying. Debbie triumphs with lyrics of empowerment, singing of hope for better days and providing the ‘power to rise above,’ telling her listener to 'don’t give up.' Soaring guitars and smooth vocals accompany the inspirational tune.

July 2013 - Robert K. Ooermann, Music Row Magazine, Nashville, TN
Pla Media: Congrats Debbie Cochran for achieving yet another great single from music critic Robert K. Oermann at MusicRow magazine!
"-Her languid, lustrous, throaty, confident, slightly bluesy delivery is enchanting. The band locks into a steady groove behind her on this seductive, mid-tempo outing. Dreamy listening."

August 2012 - George D. Hay Society
Certificate of Honorary Membership

June 2012 - Robert K. Ooermann, Music Row Magazine, Nashville, TN
Securing the DisCovery Award from Robert K. Oermann at MusicRow magazine! DisCovery Award - Judging by her lyric, I’m thinking that his fellow winner, Debbie Cochran, isn’t a kid of 20. I’m no age-ist. I still think she’s cool.

DEBBIE COCHRAN : It’s Never Too Late, Writer: Debbie Cochran; Producer: Kent Wells; Publisher: DMC Anniston, BMI; GTR (CDX)
—The steel-dominated band kicks up some dust, and the song is a hillbilly-feminist manifesto. Her deep alto singing voice has plain-spoken charm and Southern-accented, forthright honesty. I wish her well.