Debbie Cochran - Biography


Once upon a time, a little blonde girl found herself enchanted by the beauty and magic she found in the world of music. Fond highlights of her childhood memories are woven throughout her song The Movie In My Mind in a narrative that lovingly depicts the tale of the fertile ground in which the seeds of her young dreams were planted.

Growing up in Alabama red dirt roots, overflowing with loving family, Debbie would weave her way through the circle that gathered around the family piano and stand proudly by the side of her grandmother, who's booming gospel voice lead her aunts and uncles in perfect sibling harmonies. She would join in the chorus, proudly singing their original songs and stories at the top of her sweet young voice. Those rich memories of summer breezes that carried the joyful voices of her family, filled her house and her heart, and she shares those precious moments through the lyrics she's lovingly penned for us.

Throughout her journey, she's expressed her deepest emotions through playing the piano, mountain dulcimer, bass guitar and acoustic guitar. Every note is a foundational stone that developed into the songwriter she's become today. Debbie can't remember a time when she didn't keep scraps of paper close by to jot down ideas and lyrics that came to her easily and seemingly out of nowhere.

As time passed by, divine inspiration married melody to her treasured lyrics, and to this day she finds herself blissfully lost in a world of narrative and song. "The sound of country music branded by DNA at an early age. It's natural for me," Debbie says. "Country music was my lullaby growing up. I can't remember a day without traditional country music."

Debbie's dreams of writing and singing songs on that "Nashville" stage, and hearing them over the radio, gave her the inspiration and courage to open the doors to recording her very first album with Grammy nominated Producer Kent Wells, who inspired the whole project with four simple but prophetic words "It's Never Too Late."  She took it to heart. Those dusty dreams of long ago became real.  It's Never Too Late was her first song to spin on the radio earning the DisCovery Award by Music Row Critic, Robert K. Oermann. The renowned music critic raved about the single saying, "The steel-dominated band kicks up some dust, and the song is a hillbilly-feminist manifesto. Her deep alto singing voice has plain-spoken charm and Southern-accented, forthright honesty. I wish her well."

Her fifth album Faith Can featured her song Eyewitness that received high marks and garnered her an honorable mention in the 2014 New Artist Search presented by Singing News, the largest Christian music publication in the country. "I'm so excited and honored," says Debbie. "To be considered a top new artist at this point in my life is such a blessing and a dream come true." The album features the single Faith Can, which honors childhood cancer survivor Kate Foster.

In 2017 she released her sixth album Born Again Wildflower produced by Kent Wells. On the album was the duet of the same name with legendary country artist Dolly Parton. "Her spirit is a reflection of the light I love to sing and write about," Cochran said about recording with the country music icon. The album is meant to depict everyday ups and down with each song. "The answer is always the same: if God is with us, who can stand against us."

New Release Today gave a loving review of Born Again Wildflower exclaiming, "For fans of Southern Gospel or country music—particularly classic country music—Debbie Cochran's Born Again Wildflower will be just what the doctor ordered. Ata time where Christian country music is hard to find, yet country music sounds more like mainstream pop every day, there's a certain authenticity and sincerity that comes with the musical, lyrical and production delivery of this record. If the stamp of approval by the titanic icon Parton isn't enough for you, a simple listen to this project will show you Cochran is filling a void many people didn't know existed in music today, and does so with peaceful ease."

Debbie's years of hard work and dedication to her music led her to be inducted into the George D. Hay Society Hall of Honor in West Plains, MO as Gospel Songwriter of the Year. She was also the recipient of the Heritage Award and the Cabin Award for her support of the organization. Debbie was honored by the recognition. "I am so humbled for my place in the Heritage of the Grand Ole Opry… You never know what's on the other side of the door until you step through it and join the shindig!"

Her most recent album release, In a Heartbeat, is her seventh album produced by Kent. The Josie Music Awards nominated her song Angel Band Angel Band for Gospel Song of the Year. Each of the twelve songs on the album are about the concept of change throughout life. "In a heartbeat life can change. The lyrics in this album are tender stories shared by the wonderful people I have met during my travels," shares Debbie. "The songs are about loss, disappointment, love, letting go and where to find the strength to press on."

As she continues her long career, Debbie values each and every day that she is able to share her experiences and her music. "Life isn't perfect, but it sure is amazing. It is my song. I am so thankful for every minute, every breath I breathe, every time I laugh. I do love to laugh out loud and try hard not to cry. Through it all, I am stronger because of it."