Debbie Cochran Awarded Music Row Discovery Award

June 21, 2012

Robert K. Obermann of Music Row Magazine, has awarded Debbie Cochran the Discovery Award!

This award is given each week to Robert’s favorite artist after all of his artists have been reviewed. Debbie is really striking a chord with fans and critics all over North America because of her honest and original music.

Here is what Robert Oermann said about Debbie Cochran:

DEBBIE COCHRAN/It’s Never Too Late
Writer: Debbie Cochran;
Producer: Kent Wells;
Publisher: DMC Anniston, BMI;
GTR (CDX) (870-307-7685)
—The steel-dominated band kicks up some dust, and the song is a hillbilly-feminist manifesto. Her deep alto singing voice has plain- spoken charm and Southern-accented, forthright honesty. I wish her well.