Debbie Cochran Blossoms at Radio with Dolly Parton on "Born Again Wildflower"

April 20, 2020

Debbie Cochran is sweeping radio hearts with her newest release "Born Again Wildflower" featuring Dolly Parton.

The Christian singer wants to send thanks to stations for welcoming her music and helping her spread a message of light and positivity during a challenging time. "It puts a smile on my face just to know it is reaching listeners far and wide," Debbie said. "The song depicts the daily struggles of life, even for a Christian."

Debbie cherishes the connection she built with the legendary Dolly Parton through this song. Dolly's voice provides a welcoming and familiar feeling for listeners in need of comfort. "Working with Dolly Parton on this project was absolutely amazing. I believe God opens doors, this one just happened to have a star on it," Debbie said.

From Mississippi to Maine, stations are thrilled to play a song that relieves their audiences from the stress of the world's state. "We at WBTX are happy to support a true country gospel artist, Debbie Cochran, whose music provides hope and comfort during these trying times," Jim Snavely, WBTX Music Director in Broadway, Virg., said.

Fans can stream "Born Again Wildflower" here and stay tuned into their radios to hear these ladies' stunning vocals and touching words.

"Debbie's music and current single "Born Again Wildflower" is a refreshing song to have during a time of when we need to hear hope and comfort. Her music continues to touch us all no matter what season we may be in our lives." - WMER Radio in Meridian, Miss.