Debbie Cochran Shines on Newest Release with Iconic Dolly Parton

May 26, 2020

Christian singer-songwriter, Debbie Cochran hopes to encourage listeners to have faith in better days to come with her newest release Born Again Wildflower featuring the iconic Dolly Parton.

"The producer on for this track is Kent Wells, which is also Dolly Parton's. There would be times I would be working on past albums and Dolly Parton would come into the studio from being off the road," explains Debbie. "As time went along, Kent thought our voices would go together. When Kent heard my newest release, he knew that Dolly Parton had to be apart of this track."

Debbie cherishes the connection she built with the legendary Dolly Parton through this song as Dolly's voice provides a welcoming and familiar feeling for listeners. "Working with Dolly on this project was absolutely amazing. I believe God opens doors, this one just happened to have a star on it," Debbie said.

With musical roots in Alabama, Texas, and Arkansas, Debbie and her family would gather around the piano singing their original songs and beautiful harmonies. That key-based instrument opened the flood gates to a lifelong passion for instrumental and vocal discovery. Throughout her musical journey, Debbie learned to play the piano, mountain dulcimer, acoustic guitar, and bass guitar while honing her talents as a songwriter. "One summer, we went to my grandmother's house in Alabama. She was the first one that laid my hands on a piano," explains Debbie. "After church on Sundays, we'd head over to my Aunt's house. I remember her playing that piano and they just stood around. I was there sitting there on the bench just watching and just amazed at what would come out of their months."

Debbie's dream of writing and singing songs on that "Nashville Stage" gave her the courage to open the doors to recording her very first album with Kent Wells (Dolly Parton, Neal McCoy & Michael Peterson), who inspired the whole project with four simple but prophetic words, "It's Never Too Late," which was the first of Debbie's songs to play on the radio and also earned her the DisCovery Award given by Robert K. Oermann of Music Row Magazine.

Before turning to the production ears of Kent Wells to guide her, the only outlet she had to share her music with the world was on a stage that her husband built in their hometown of Batesville, AR. When Debbie isn't on stage, she spends her autumn years traveling the world with her husband in an RV. Debbie's story and music is one that has spread smiles and serves as a testament to the vitality of the human spirit. She lives her lyrics every day that she steps in the studio writes a new song, or hits the lights center stage.

Written by Trevor Justin

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