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Once upon a time, a little blonde girl found herself enchanted by the beauty and magic she found in the world of music. Fond highlights of her childhood memories are woven throughout her song "The Movie In My Mind" in a narrative that lovingly depicts the tale of the fertile ground in which the seeds of her young dreams were planted.

Growing up in an Alabama home, overflowing with loving family, Debbie would weave her way through the circle that gathered around the family piano and stand proudly by the side of her grandmother, who’s booming gospel voice lead her aunt’s and uncles in perfect sibling harmonies. She would join in the chorus, proudly singing their original songs and stories at the top of her sweet young voice. Those rich memories of summer breezes that carried the scent of sweet tea and magnolia, and the joyful voices of her family, filled her house and her heart, and she shares those precious moments through the lyrics she's lovingly penned for us.

Throughout her journey, she’s expressed her deepest emotions through playing the piano, mountain dulcimer and bass guitar, and recently added the acoustic guitar to her ensemble of beloved instruments. Every note is a foundational stone that developed into the songwriter she’s become today. Debbie can’t ever remember a time when she didn’t keep scraps of paper close by to jot down ideas and lyrics that came to her easily and seemingly out of nowhere.

As time passed by, divine inspiration married melody to her treasured lyrics, and to this day she finds herself blissfully lost in a world of narrative and song. Debbie's dreams of writing and singing songs on that "Nashville" stage, and hearing them over the radio, gave her the inspiration and courage to open the doors to recording her very first album with Grammy nominated Producer Kent Wells, who inspired the whole project with four simple but prophetic words "It's Never Too Late".

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April 1, 2015

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